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What they offer...

Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood
Lunatic's Leathers
Toowoomba Tunic
Genuine Conjurer's Cowl
Business Casual
Big Country
Dillinger's Duffel

What they want...

Metal Only
TF2 Offers

Their notes...

Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood - 10 ref
Lunatic's Leathers - 6 ref
Toowomba Tunic - 10 ref
Conjurer's Cowl - 15 ref
Business Casual - 6 ref
Big Country - 6 ref
Dillinger's Duffel - 3.33 ref
Anger - SOLD
Send me offer don't add me / i accept items overpay not paying extra for parts, ks, paint, spells, etc
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