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Burkhardt wants to trade!

Bumped 6 hours ago

What they offer...

Strange Escape Plan
Strange Minigun
Taunt: Soldier's Requiem
Stout Shako

What they want...

Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Refined Metal
Reclaimed Metal
Scrap Metal

Their notes...

Selling these:
S. specialized ks escape plan: 17.66 ref!
S. specialized ks minigun: 1 key 10 ref!
Soldier's requiem: 1 key!
Stout shako: 1.33 ref!
S. specialized ks dressed to kill knife (factory new): 2 keys!
S. specialized ks dressed to kill wrench (factory new): 1 key 20 ref!
S. specialized ks autumn wrench (factory new): 2 keys!
Pure or item overpay! I do not count parts/paint/spells into the value! Not accepting skins either!

Add me or send an offer!
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