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This user has some troubling history. Take a look at their past probations:

Trade ID Date Timespan Reason
10366342 3/20/2015 9:20:21PM 30 minutes Please re-read our rules. We do not allow cash trades to be discussed here.

Last trade

-¤G¤H¤O¤S¤T¤-(Robi40) wants to trade!

Bumped 3 days ago

What they offer...

Bonk Helm
Strange Persian Persuader
Pallet of Crates
Ullapool Caber
Marksman's Mohair

What they want...

Metal Only
Metal Only
Metal Only
Metal Only
Metal Only
Metal Only
Metal Only
Metal Only

Their notes...

14ref--->Anger Level 10 Hat
11ref---> Bonk Helm Level 88 Hat
3ref---> Strange Persian Persuader
dec tag: "Тебе пизда когда тебя отпиздят будет тоакой пиздец..."
7ref---> Pallet of Crates Level 23 Gift
2key---> Specialized Killstreak Loose Cannon Kit
1ley---> The Ullapool Caber >>>>>> Level 1 <<<<<<Stick Bomb
5ref---> Co-Pilot Level 99 Hat
13ref---> Marksman's Mohair Level 18 Cosmetic Item


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