CCPD | wants to trade!

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What they offer...

Genuine Dread Hiding Hood
Genuine Criminal Cloak
Genuine Doe-Boy
Genuine Purity Fist
Genuine Cross-Comm Crash Helmet
Genuine Flying Guillotine
Taunt: Disco Fever
Taunt: The Balloonibouncer

What they want...

TF2 Offers

Their notes...

1) Do NOT add me. 2) Use Pricelist before sending me trade offer. 3) I accept 50% overpay in items.

My Pricelist:
My Trade Link:
My Trades:
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REAPER12 days ago

i can give you a festive killstreak revolver for that stuff :>

REAPER12 days ago
Festive Revolver

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Smirf ipi12 days ago
Taunt: I See You

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