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Petite Hoovy | wants to trade!

Bumped 1.8 months ago

What they offer...

Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Refined Metal
Reclaimed Metal
Scrap Metal

What they want...

TF2 Offers
Craftable Hat

Their notes...

Buying all quick-sales and most Halloween hats and cosmetics for pure on price.

Use caution when trading for items with giftwrap. Giftwrap scamming is one of the most common types of scams. Giftwrap deals are not protected. Be sure to get a form of collateral to prevent anyone from running away with your giftwrap and check out a user's Steam Rep profile before trading.

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[Ⱳ.ⱥ.Ɽ] Fredy | trade.tf2.7 months ago
Strange Rocket Launcher

Worth 2.35 keys ( 2 keys and 10 refs)
selling it for only 2 keys

[Ⱳ.ⱥ.Ɽ] Fredy | trade.tf2.7 months ago

hi , i added you , you are buying quicksell stuff
Im selling a ks spec strange rocket launcher with 3 parts for 2 keys , worth 2.35 keys on (2 keys and 10 refs)

Petite Hoovy | trade.tf2.7 months ago

Parts dont count lol nobody counts them

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lupin2.5 months ago
Haunted Abhorrent Appendages
Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask

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