UrifosIxob wants to trade!

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What they offer...

Strange Baby Face's Blaster
Virtual ViewfinderCraft #202
Strange Flame Thrower
Strange Flame Thrower
Strange Flying Guillotine

What they want...

Refined Metal
TF2 Offers

Their notes...

Force-a-nature - 2 key (pure) or 2.13 (items)
baby face's blaster - 13 ref (pure) or 17 (items)
scattergun - 2.13 key (pure) or 2.26 (items)
flamethrower (cust descr) - 20 ref (pure) or 28 (items)
flametrower (cust name) - 2.07 key (pure) or 2.2 (items)
guillotine - 1 key (pure) or 1.2 key (items)
solemn vow - 10 ref (pure) or 16 (items)
virtual reality (SOLD)
I don't count add-ons: painted hats, strange parts, spells

offers here
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Fancy Fedora
Sharp Dresser

What items are you willing to trade to UrifosIxob?

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