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Johnny wants to trade!

Posted 5.2 months ago

What they offer...

Tough Stuff Muffs
Slot Token - Primary
Wide-Brimmed Bandito

What they want...

Refined Metal
TF2 Offers
TF2 Offers

Their notes...



Tough Stuff Muffs - 3.22 ref pure or 4 ref in items overpay

*Paint: Mann Co. Orange - 9.33 ref

Tags: Unique, Cosmetic, Scout, Sniper, Soldier, Demoman, Medic, Heavy, Pyro, Spy, Engineer, Tradable, Not Marketable


Slot Token - Primary - 0.22 ref pure or 4 random weapons or 0.33 ref in items overpay

Tags: Unique, Primary weapon, Tradable, Not Marketable


The Wide-Brimmed Bandito - 5.11 ref pure or 6 ref in items overpay

*Paint: Peculiarly Drab Tincture - 3.88 ref

Mercenary Grade Hat!

Tags: Unique, Cosmetic, Engineer, Mercenary, Creepy Crawly Collection, Tradable, Marketable


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