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Rocket Pig wants to trade!

Bumped 10 days ago

What they offer...

Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

What they want...

TF2 Offers
Craftable Hat
Craftable Hat
TF2 Offers

Their notes...

Hello everyone and Welcome to Piggy's Banking Shop!

I am Looking to buy some LOW-TIER Quicksell Unusuals
Willing to buy unsuals that are 25-40% OFF Price!, depending on the unusual of course
Current key stock: 25 (Much much more coming soon!)

Send me a trade offer: ">

Tha's it, and that's all, Thanks for stopping by :)
Thankyou everyone and happy trading! :D

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Conversation with [LosRayitas]Tio Emilio (Collapse All) (Expand All)

[LosRayitas]Tio Emilio5.7 months ago

hi i have an unusual of 16 keys i am selling for 13

Conversation with flashfire12 [] (Collapse All) (Expand All)

flashfire12 []5.6 months ago

I have a strange degreaser. Would that be good enough to get a key or 2?

Conversation with iConsumeOxygen (Collapse All) (Expand All)

iConsumeOxygen5.5 months ago

Do you have a Ghastly/Ghostly gibus you can trade me? You can pick whatever you want from my inventory. I really, REALLY want that hat

Conversation with Fairclough (Collapse All) (Expand All)

Fairclough5.5 months ago

I have a anti freeze Hermes I can QuickSelling you for 54 keys if you get a lot more keys

if you plan on getting slight more keys I can sell you my ground control disco beat down for 32 keys

Conversation with ComixsYT (Collapse All) (Expand All)

ComixsYT4.8 months ago

I have a Searing Plasma Nanobalaclava worth 22-25, looking for 21 pure. Interested?

Conversation with Fiesty_Yeti | #TF2SP (Collapse All) (Expand All)

Fiesty_Yeti | #TF2SP4 months ago

I have a TF Logo Powedered Practitioner for Soldier, Medic and Spy. its worth 25.5 keys to be exact, so what do you think you can do for it?
Thanks :)

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