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Romazaki wants to trade!

Bumped 3.7 months ago

What they offer...

Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

What they want...

TF2 Offers
Class Token - Engineer

Their notes...

Looking for a nice Unusual, I currently have 60 Keys in stock.
● Mostly looking for Engineer's, but I could take one for another class if I like it;
● I'd prefer it to be a Barnstormer, but I could be interested in other hats too;
● Not looking for 2 smaller unusuals, I want to spend all my keys on a big one;
● I might be able to add something if needed;

Post here or send me a trade offer!

Best Offer Ov3r

[This offer has been withdrawn.]

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Conversation with DaFuKingBadger (Collapse All) (Expand All)

DaFuKingBadger6 months ago

[This offer has been withdrawn.]

ill trade you this for 24 keys

Conversation with Medizinar (Collapse All) (Expand All)

Medizinar5.8 months ago

[This offer has been withdrawn.]

I'll trade you this for 11 keys, if you want.

Medizinar5.8 months ago


Conversation with ۞βĂŔŐŃ ŐF ĤĔĹĹ۞ (Collapse All) (Expand All)

۞βĂŔŐŃ ŐF ĤĔĹĹ۞5.7 months ago

i'll trade you this for 20 keys

۞βĂŔŐŃ ŐF ĤĔĹĹ۞5.7 months ago
Unusual L'InspecteurEffect: Disco Beat Down

Conversation with The Heavy Seller I Trade.TF (Collapse All) (Expand All)

The Heavy Seller I Trade.TF5.7 months ago
Unusual Shooter's Sola TopiEffect: Kill-a-Watt

Conversation with Ov3r (Collapse All) (Expand All)

Ov3r5.6 months ago

[This offer has been withdrawn.]

Ov3r5.4 months ago

[This offer has been withdrawn.]

60 keys QS

Conversation with Henry | | (Collapse All) (Expand All)

Henry | | trade.tf5.1 months ago

How much for my Dead Presidents Hot Rod?

Romazaki5.1 months ago

Not interested in 3rd gens, sorry

Conversation with @ohbutredsnoW (Collapse All) (Expand All)

@ohbutredsnoW5 months ago
Unusual Galvanized GibusEffect: Blizzardy Storm

Offers on my Galv Gib Blizzardy Storm?

Conversation with MotFrik (Collapse All) (Expand All)

MotFrik4.7 months ago
Unusual Bombing RunEffect: Smoking

10 keys

Conversation with nemesis.96 (Collapse All) (Expand All)

nemesis.964.2 months ago

Dude are you still looking for an unusual? I offer you one of the following unusual for your 60 keys:
"It's A Secret To Everybody Big Country""Barnstormer" Painted Peculiarly Drab Tincture
Only 2 exists. 82 keys

"Haunted Ghosts Barnstormer"
Only 2 exists. 67 keys
I have these in marketplace so I need your answer.

Conversation with Нет (Collapse All) (Expand All)

Нет3.8 months ago

Stormy Storm Warhood? it is my first unusual and it goes around 30 but ill go 25, it is unpriced, so please

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