James | wants to trade!

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What they offer...

Reclaimed Metal
Scrap Metal
Refined Metal
Refined Metal
Refined Metal

What they want...

Craftable Hat
Craftable Weapon
Battle-Worn Robot KB-808
Battle-Worn Robot Taunt Processor
Battle-Worn Robot Money Furnace
Pristine Robot Currency Digester
Pristine Robot Brainstorm Bulb
Craftable Weapon
Craftable Hat
Operation Phoenix Case Key
Winter Offensive Case Key
Chroma Case Key
Chroma 2 Case Key
Falchion Case Key
Shadow Case Key
Revolver Case Key
Chroma 3 Case Key
Gamma Case Key
Gamma 2 Case Key
Operation Wildfire Case Key
Operation Breakout Case Key
Huntsman Case Key
Operation Vanguard Case Key
Huntsman Case Key
PYRO (Trading Card)
HEAVY (Trading Card)
Tidehunter (Trading Card)
Trouble Underground

Their notes...

Buying :
steam trading card = 4scrap(0.44) each,
foil cards 1.33ref+ each)

50gems - 3scrap
100 gems - 0.66ref
500gems - 3.33ref

any craft hat= 1.11ref each.
Strange weapon=1.11ref
any vintage weapon= 1rec(0.33ref) each
Also, Buying csgokey /tf2 key = 28ref each
trade offer >> http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=105193887&token=HoVbDlry
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Conversation with MU3IC✪Zytin (Collapse All) (Expand All)

MU3IC✪Zytin3.6 months ago

i sent you an offer please check it :D

MU3IC✪Zytin3.6 months ago

sent another offer and a f request :D

Conversation with [HG] TyGuy464646™ [M] (Collapse All) (Expand All)

[HG] TyGuy464646™ [M]3.5 months ago

Hey I'm interested!!

Conversation with tasi (Collapse All) (Expand All)

tasi3.4 months ago

i sent you a trade offer plz check (gems)

Conversation with Aryan -Buying Trading Cards (Collapse All) (Expand All)

Aryan -Buying Trading Cards2.2 months ago

james accept friend request

Conversation with rollgwin (Collapse All) (Expand All)

rollgwin1.6 months ago

added and sent trade offer :)

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