Captain Pink Pyro wants to trade!

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What they offer...

Strange Pistol
Strange Stickybomb Launcher
Strange Southern Hospitality
Strange L'Etranger
Strange Bonesaw
Strange Medi Gun
Strange Crusader's Crossbow

What they want...

Refined Metal
TF2 Offers

Their notes...

Selling a lot of strange weapons:

Pistol - 2.33 refined
Sticky bomb launcher - 1.77 refined
southern hospitality - 4.22 refined
crusaders crossbow - 18.11 refined
medi gun - 2.22 refined
bonesaw - 1.77 refined
letranger - 7.11 refined

Will accept other items as payment (depends if overpay)

Send me a trade offer for a quicker response or leave a comment (^:

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What items are you willing to trade to Captain Pink Pyro?

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