Don [⇄] FAST TRADE wants to trade!

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What they offer...

Strange Silver Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.II
Strange Rust Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.I
Strange L'Etranger
Strange Wrench
Strange Enforcer
Strange Equalizer
Strange Revolver
Strange Neon Annihilator

What they want...

Metal Only
Craftable Hat
TF2 Offers

Their notes...

Professional, Specialized and Killstreak

My Price and more KS items =>
>>Auto Trade<<
Send me offer =>
Pure - auto-accept
Items/mixed - overpay 20%
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Use caution when trading for items with giftwrap. Giftwrap scamming is one of the most common types of scams. Giftwrap deals are not protected. Be sure to get a form of collateral to prevent anyone from running away with your giftwrap and check out a user's Steam Rep profile before trading.

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wild_jamoo11 days ago

i'll do it

wild_jamoo11 days ago

um how?

Don [⇄] FAST TRADE11 days ago

Add link with price

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santiago4989 ♣♠♦9 days ago

[This offer has been withdrawn.]

For the bazooka please

santiago4989 ♣♠♦9 days ago
Quickiebomb Launcher
Disciplinary Action
Nessie's Nine Iron
Boston Basher
Panic Attack
Mann Co. Supply Munition #103Series #103
Holiday Punch
Refined Metal

For the bazooka please

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SR.DOG15 hours ago
Refined Metal

Hello, I would like the rocket launcher, would you consider it a refined one?

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