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DISPATCHER S 4 UltraRare Bats wants to trade!

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What they offer...

Unusual Rotation SensationEffect: Chiroptera Venenata
Unusual Rotation SensationEffect: Something Burning This Way Comes
Unusual Rotation SensationEffect: Unknown
Unusual Taunt: Zoomin' BroomEffect: Unknown
Unusual Taunt: The Victory LapEffect: Unknown

What they want...

Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Golden Frying Pan
TF2 Offers

Their notes...

<!--StartFragment-->I might put them on the market so feel free to add me if you have an offer.

Pure B/O

Green Bat 1 of 1 - 650 keys

Burning Bat 1 of 2 (the other one is not for sale) - 500 keys

Tesla Sensation 1 of 2 (the other one is not for sale) -500 keys

Victory Lap-240 keys

Zoomin -150 keys

It might look that my prices are high,but i assure you that my prices
are not only fair,but decent according to the rarity of my items,the
rarity of the effects and the market demand.

Therefore i will use some examples with similar hats/effects because i want to make'it clear how i reach to those prices.

Chiroptera Venenata Bonk Boy recently priced at 530 keys,1 of 1

Chiroptera Venenata Exquisite Rack priced at 466 keys,1 of 1 with a collector

Chiroptera Venenata Gibus priced at 450 keys,2 exists

Chiroptera Venenata Cotton Head priced at 450 keys ,2 exists

Chiroptera Venenata Hat with no name priced at 410 keys ,2 exists

Also see some recently priced SBTWC hats:

Burning Bat Party Phantom -250 keys,2 exists

Burning Bat Flamboyant Flamenco -205 keys,1 exists

Burning Bat Large Luchadore-200 keys,3 exists

Burning Bat Killer's Kabuto, 170 keys,1 exists

Burning Bat Lucky Shot- 150 keys,3 exists

Burning Bat Brotherhood of Arms - 375 keys,3 exists

And some recently priced Poisoned Shadows hats

Antlers from 775 to 1350 keys ,4 exists...

Hong Kong Cone 440 keys 3 exists

Brainiac 410 keys ,1 exists

Danger 265 keys,1 exists

Galvanized Gibus 365 keys ,2 exists

Brim-Full Of Bullets 180 keys,1 exists

Blighted Beak 450 keys,3 exists

Also good to know :

Recently :SBTWC FEDERAL CASEMAKER was sold with a Ghastly Ghosts Racho
for a Nebula Space Mann (everyone is asking 1100 + for it) so knowing
the Racho is around 350 keys at most ,makes the Casemaker worth around
750 !

Now you can say that i put a right price on my hats,but still my price
is too high compared with burning/scorching/sunbeams and others.Right
but the number of those are like 15+ of each so it is not the case here
to compare them!

Anyways;In my opinion Rotation is one of the best hat money can buy in
this game.Really underpriced because of the mass unboxing in a very
short period of time.Just think on the prices for it if the drop rate
were to be normal.

You must understand that i am very proud with my sets so don't
be ridiculous lowballing me,you will not get anything doing that. I can
keep them forever and be like no other!

The increasing prices of those effects in
general will make my prices look cheap in no time,so i might modify my
prices if i feel they are left behind by the market moves.

Pictures on my profile : <!--EndFragment-->
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