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elCarpoº* wants to trade!

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What they offer...

Refined Metal
Refined Metal
Refined Metal
Refined Metal
Refined Metal
Refined Metal
Refined Metal
Refined Metal

What they want...

Gordon & Alyx (Trading Card)
AXTON (Trading Card)
Royal Summons
Sweet Autumn
Federation Cruiser
Zulrog's army (Trading Card)
Axe's Axe
Invoker's Cape
Alchemist's Gauntlet
Spirit Breaker's Mace
Drow's Leg Armor
Dragon Knight's Shoulder Armor
Bounty Hunter's Shoulder
Crystal Maiden's Shoulder Pads
Zeus x27
Desert Eagle
Trophy Belt
Brigade Helm
Ye Olde Baker Boy
Modest Pile of Hat
Frenchman's Beret
Killer's Kabuto
Sergeant's Drill Hat

Wishlist item required to make an offer.

Their notes...

Buy in exchange for METAL Team Fortress 2 or GEMS.

Buy Card for 4 Scraps each.
Buy Card for 40 Gems each.
I do not accept any game cards that were once free!!
Buy Any Skin CSGO for 1 Scrap each.

Send offert using the link!

From Already thank you very much
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[HG] TyGuy464646™ [M]5.6 months ago

Hey I'm interested!

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Blackgrim5.2 months ago

Hey i want to sell my card

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name1.7 months ago

trade links dead, added

What items are you willing to trade to elCarpoº*?

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