This trade is 37 days old and has likely exceeded its expiration date. It is recommended that you not consume it.

ɢᴅᴅᴅᴅᴅᴅᴅᴅᴅ wants to trade!

Bumped 37 days ago

What they offer...

Genuine King of Scotland Cape
Genuine Centurion
Genuine Steel Sixpack
Genuine Russian Rocketeer

What they want...

Refined Metal
Refined Metal
Refined Metal
Refined Metal

Their notes...

Genuine King of Scotland Cape : 3.33 ref
Genuine Centurion : 4.88 ref
Genuine Steel Sixpack : 6.88 ref
Genuine Russian Rocketeer : 2.66 ref
quick Trade : :
tf2outpost :
tf2tp : :

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