BASEBALLFURIES wants to trade!

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What they offer...

Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Refined Metal

What they want...

Grim Tweeter
Ullapool Caber
Panic Attack
Quickiebomb Launcher
Back Scatter
Crossing Guard

Their notes...

Looking for the these items, offering the following:

Grim Tweeter- 1 key
Strange Sandvich- 3 keys, 3 refine
Strange Widowmaker (or Strangifier)- 1 key
Strange Ullapool Caber- 10 refine
Strange Panic Attack- 3 refine
Strange Quickiebomb Launcher- 3 refine
Strange Back Scatter- 1.66 refine
Crossing Guard- 1.66 refine
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DAAZ44 days ago
Strange Cow Mangler 5000

What do you give for this?

What items are you willing to trade to BASEBALLFURIES?

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