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Jennifer Aniston <333 wants to trade!

Bumped 4.2 months ago

What they offer...

Unusual ExecutionerEffect: Sunbeams
Unusual Backwards BallcapEffect: Purple Energy
Unusual HermesEffect: Sunbeams
Unusual Private EyeEffect: Circling Heart
Unusual Samur-EyeEffect: Haunted Ghosts
Unusual Pyro's BeanieEffect: Purple Energy
Unusual Tyrant's HelmEffect: Bubbling
Unusual Vintage MerryweatherEffect: Bubbling

What they want...

Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
TF2 Offers
Operation Phoenix Case Key
Operation Breakout Case Key
Operation Vanguard Case Key
Chroma 2 Case Key
Revolver Case Key
Dota Offers

Their notes...

exe - 1200 keys
ballcap - 160 keys
hermes - 100 keys
strange unusual private eye - 60 keys
samureye - 50 keys
pyro beanie - 40 keys
tyrant - 23 keys
merryweather - 14 keys

these are my pure prices. overpay in offers

add me or send me a trade offer:)

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lalayou|trade.tf16.1 months ago
Strange Diamond Botkiller Wrench Mk.I
Unusual Company ManEffect: Dead Presidents

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