Toad 🍄 wants to trade!

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What they offer...

Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

What they want...

Craftable Hat
TF2 Offers
Class Token - Scout
Class Token - Sniper
Class Token - Soldier
Class Token - Demoman
Class Token - Heavy
Class Token - Medic

Their notes...

Buying all unusuals.

My updated price list can be found here:

Price-check your unusual:

My trade offer link:

Do not add me, send a trade offer using the above link.
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Conversation with BullsEye (Collapse All) (Expand All)

BullsEye17.7 months ago

how much for Unusual Lord Cockswain's Pith Helmet?add me i have it on the market

Conversation with Skull.Crusher (Collapse All) (Expand All)

Skull.Crusher14.5 months ago
Unusual Company ManEffect: Steaming

it's for all class and it's 16.5 keys

Conversation with Uncle Psypher Geno ⇋HG⇌ (Collapse All) (Expand All)

Uncle Psypher Geno ⇋HG⇌10.6 months ago

[This offer has been withdrawn.]

For 11 keys.

Uncle Psypher Geno ⇋HG⇌10.6 months ago

[This offer has been withdrawn.]

for 10 keys

Conversation with Dont3venTryM8 (Collapse All) (Expand All)

Dont3venTryM87.4 months ago

Sent you a trade offer.

What items are you willing to trade to Toad 🍄?

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