There are rules now. Oh no! You better follow them or else! If you don't be a jerk, you'll be fine.

The rules include:

  • Trying to scam people will get you blocked for a long time.
  • Successful scamming will get you banned permanently.
  • Making wishlists with items that are much more valuable than the items you put up for trade will get you blocked on a case by case basis for a reasonable amount of time.
  • Do not offer/trade items for cash or non-steam games. You may only trade TF2 items for steam games through the new steam trading system. That means no CD Keys either. Blocked time will be harsh for disobeying this rule. (This includes linking to SourceOP's buying/selling forum, ebay, etc)
  • Do not to spam trades. Once every half hour is as fast as you should relist a duplicate trade, and you should close copies of the same trade when relisting. Any more often and you risk getting mauled by the guard mod.
  • No raffles, no linking to raffles, and no linking to shady referral websites. This site is meant for trading, not advertising.
  • No bots.

Additionally, moderators can act on their own discretion when probating; moderators can remove anything as long as they feel it shouldn't be on this site or breaks a common sense rule. If you're fair with your trades, then you have nothing to worry about. If you're not fair, then watch your back!

Some guidelines on what our moderation staff thinks about fair trades:

Report to the mods