We all know that the number of hats a man has makes him what he is. But this system was a bit flawed; for some, it takes a very long time to collect materials to craft a hat, while others got a lucky hat thrown into their lap with a hat drop. Recently, the creators of the top rated Hat Simulator, Team Fortress 2, added a trading system to allow the trading of hats, allowing those with few hats to trade for a bundle of hats. Weapons can also be traded with the intent that your newly acquired weapons can be used to murder those that have more hats than you.

Using this site, you can login through steam and get started trading using a searchable interface.

TF2TP now connects to trading servers. Check them out:

Our cache says that none of the trading servers we connect to are running at the moment.

(Server info updates every two minutes.)


After releasing this, people informed me of a few things that need changing. We'll be trying to finish these up as fast as we can. Here's the list:
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