TF2 Trading Post is a website used to facilitate item trading in the popular video game "Team F2" (there are literally tens of people playing T Fortress 2 at any given time). It allows users to initiate trades by picking the items they want to trade away as well as the items they want to get for that trade. Other users may do the same or browse for the items they're looking for.

The project began shortly after Valve unleashed the trading feature in TF2. Players crammed into bazaars, trading away their goods, pushing eachother over, climbing over toppled bodies. Chaos ensued as players surrounded and ripped apart those with the rare items. All was well. But soon, horror struck. Players had trouble communicating with eachother about a trade. There was no system to chat about trades unless you were in the same server as someone with the item you long for. You had to friend request a stranger. Here inlies the problem: People were friending users who were not really their friends! This is unfair - It skews our graphs and charts! Some were getting tons of friends when really they were only worth a few baker's dozens friends. How are we to know now who is the most popular?

So along came TF2TP, an attempt to help users find trades and talk about the trades before becoming friends. After the ritual trade discussion through this site, real friendships may be created. Unjust Friend Levels will soon return to low-risk just as before.


Scott "obstipator" Graham

This guy is pretty cool I guess.


Ryan Graham

Ryan is really popular with the ladies.


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